Should you wait until the kids are older to divorce?

Deciding the best time to end an unhappy marriage often requires a lot of thought. As a Tennessee parent, you may feel particularly concerned about how your children may fare during your divorce. Therefore, you and your spouse may consider putting the divorce off until the children reach an older age or maybe choose to move forward with legal proceedings while they remain young as a rip-off-the-Band-Aid type approach.

Of course, no set perfect timing exists for such a situation, and because of that, you certainly want to consider various aspects of your life and your children's lives before deciding when to go through with divorce. In doing so, you may find yourself interested in how age could affect children's views on the circumstances.

Young children

If you have young children, you may feel concerned that their age makes them too vulnerable to go through such a potentially stressful situation. However, young children often have a resilience that makes it easier for them to adapt to new situations more quickly than older children. In fact, they may handle your break up better in the long run due to having more time to get used to the arrangements as they grow.

Certainly, young children can face upset in the face of divorce as well. Therefore, you may wish to pay particular attention to how your children handle difficult circumstances and determine the best manner in which to approach the news of divorce.

Older children

Commonly, people think that older or even adult children will handle their parents' decision to divorce much more easily than younger children. However, divorce can come as a shocking blow to older children as they have gotten used to their family acting as a unit. Now that you and their other parent have chosen to split up, they may feel especially impacted by the fracturing of this unit.

Furthermore, older children may feel as if they must take on some form of responsibility during the divorce. They may try to make the situation easier on you or their other parent, and as a result, they may find themselves dealing with unnecessary stress. You may even find yourself believing that your older children can handle the divorce more easily than your younger kids, and as a result, you may instinctively want to protect your younger children while unintentionally contributing to your older children's sense of responsibility.

Because each child has differences regardless of age, divorce can impact each individual in a unique way. As you and their other parent consider your divorce options, you may wish to keep your children's best interests in mind as you move forward.

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