How To Modify The Terms Of Your Divorce

Our futures are never set in stone. Your life could end up far different a year from now than you originally envisioned. If you are divorced, this change in circumstances can be quite costly. That is why it is possible to seek a modification of your divorce decree.

This process is not easy, however. The law is murky about what constitutes a "material" change in circumstances. At The Law Offices of Franz F. Springmann, Sr. and Andrew N. Wilson in Sevierville, Tennessee, our attorneys have more than 40 years of combined family law experience that they use to guide you through the process of trying to modify the terms of your divorce.

Modifying Child Custody And Visitation

Child custody arrangements can be an ongoing source of tension for divorced or unmarried parents. When a parent's situation changes, it may be appropriate to revisit the custody agreement. Some reasons for a custody modification may include:

  • Parental relocation out of the city or state
  • A remarriage
  • A teen child expressing a wish to live with his or her other parent
  • Physical or emotional abuse of the child
  • A parent being addicted to drugs or alcohol
  • Change in jobs that will affect pickup or weekend schedules

Modifying Child Support Or Spousal Support

When it comes to your financial obligations, courts will want to see evidence of a significant change in your income or net worth before granting a modification. Some common changes include:

  • Getting fired or laid off
  • Getting a new job with a significant pay raise
  • A medical emergency or condition that requires expensive treatment
  • The child's financial needs, which could be medical or attending a new private school
  • A remarriage
  • Your ex getting a new job with a large salary

Why You Need A Lawyer's Help

It is essential that you do not try to take the law into your own hands in any situation. Do not deny your ex his or her visitation rights, or do not stop making payments just because you think that's what is right.

Come to us first. We will look into your situation and help you explore your options. Our lawyers know the local courts and judges and whether you have a good chance of receiving a modification. In any case, we will work hard to protect your rights and interests.

To learn more, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys. Send us an email or call our office in Sevierville today at 865-280-1099.