Protecting Your Assets In Divorce

While every divorce is as unique as the couple going through it, there are times when the proceedings can become much more complex. This is especially true for couples who have acquired a great deal of assets before and during their marriage.

Dividing those assets in a fair and equitable manner is a difficult process. At The Law Offices of Franz F. Springmann, Sr. and Andrew N. Wilson in Sevierville, Tennessee, our high-asset divorce attorneys can provide the guidance and advocacy you need during this stressful time. We will protect your assets and safeguard your financial future.

Finding Resolutions To Complex Problems

If you and your ex do not already have a prenuptial agreement in place, you will likely need to deal with the division of lucrative assets like:

  • Retirement assets, including 401(k), IRA and pension accounts
  • Luxury assets like cars, jewelry, art and electronics
  • Homes, including vacation rental properties in the Smokies
  • Business assets, including seasonal, tourism-related businesses

In all high-asset divorces, our lawyers work closely with forensic accountants and appraisers to determine the fair market value of assets and who owns what. This becomes more complicated when you use marital income to acquire certain assets. If a spouse is hiding assets, we will work to uncover them.

In most cases, it is better if divorcing couples negotiate a settlement that everyone can live with. In many cases, this is preferable to leaving your fate in the hands of a family court judge, who will not understand your situation as well as you. If your ex is not negotiating in good faith, however, we will not hesitate to assert your rights and interests in court.

Get The Help And Advice You Need

It may not seem like it at first, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to divorce. Our commitment is to help you move on to the future with your interests intact. To learn more, schedule a free consultation with us via email or by calling our office in Sevierville at 865-280-1099.