Estate Administration And Planning Solutions

Decisions regarding what you want to happen with your assets, what you want to happen to your health care and settling the estate of a deceased loved one require a great attention to detail. Mistakes can mean costly disputes and delays.

At The Law Offices of Franz F. Springmann, Sr. and Andrew N. Wilson in Sevierville, Tennessee, estate administration and planning attorney Andrew Wilson will walk you through the entire process. He can resolve any issue while protecting your interests.

Bringing Clarity To A Confusing Process

At our law firm, we will always treat you like family. That is why we have clients return to us after estate planning for probate help. Our lawyers will always keep your best interests as their top priority.

Whether you are just thinking about getting started with an estate plan, or you have lost a loved one and are in charge of settling the estate, we can help with:

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Whether you have questions about estate planning or probate, there are so many important decisions to make. We can make sure you address every detail. To learn more, schedule a free consultation with an experienced attorney by sending us an email or calling our office in Sevierville at 865-280-1099.