About Our Attorneys

The Law Offices of Franz F. Springmann, Sr. and Andrew N. Wilson features attorneys who have more than 40 years of combined legal experience across multiple practice areas.

Located in Sevierville, Tennessee, our lawyers serve individuals and families across the region, providing them with legal wisdom, steady guidance and the forceful advocacy they need when facing difficult choices surrounding issues like divorce, child custody and estate administration.

Work With A Family Law Firm

When we describe ourselves as a family law firm, we are not just talking about that specific area of the law. Franz Springmann, Sr. and Andrew Wilson work with family members, who share the same commitment to providing clients like you with the highest-quality representation focused on your unique needs and goals.

At our firm, you are not just another client. We will fight for you the same as we would our relatives. That commitment to our clients' best interests is why we build lifelong relationships with many of our clients, who return to us any time they need an attorney's guidance.

That also means we will give you the advice you truly need, no matter its effect on us. We will never steer you down an inadvisable path just because it will cost you more. We will always look out for your interests, and that includes saving you time and money whenever possible.

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